Social Science - Inquiry Unit

Human Rights in Our Community - Can You Have Rights Without Responsibilities?

There are a number of basic rights that people from around the world have agreed on, such as:

Our Fertile Questions:
“How can we address identified community issues and make a difference to the community we live in?"
"What are our rights and responsibilities as community members?"
"Do rights come with responsibilities?"

Questions to consider - choose one for your group to investigate
  1. What are human rights and how can we ensure all humans have them?
  2. How do the laws and the values of a society contribute to the denial or protection of human rights? What can we do about it?
  3. What are violations of human rights? What can we, as individuals, do to bring attention to one of these violations?
  4. At what ages do you gain which rights? How do you feel about the current situation? How can you change the situation and why would you do that?

Human Rights Collaborative Wiki:
  1. Agree on a name for your group and find a picture that conveys how our group feel about the question in general
  2. Discuss the question and brainstorm your ideas onto your wiki page.
  3. Use the Inquiry Model to help structure your processes
  4. Develop your essential questions to help direct your investigation into this area of study
  5. Give personal ideas and positions on the question and justify these from your own point of view
  6. Research the question and find out what other people think
  7. As a group work out what is important and collaborate your ideas on the wiki. Use your research as backup for your ideas. Remember to reference all work that belongs to other people including images.
  8. Use text and visual aids to help support your ideas
  9. Give an example of how this right is being respected, violated or protected in the world today
  10. Include a “Call to Action” – a positive way people can make a change
  11. Reflect on your efforts - as individuals and as a group
  12. Use the reflection template to help keep focus on the important reflective processes
  13. Ask others to post their comments about your presentation