INFO ON ZORBA 9087 This page is made by people that's making room 7 peace out.

This planet is found in the Adromedea galaxy. It is made 5.2 billion years ago and has gone through 100,000,000 years of civil war, this planet has gone through 11 ages.

1st age:This age embarked on its creation from the destruction of Zorba 9088.
2nd age:This is when us, Zorbians evolved into humanoid shapes. And The 100,000,000 year civil war began.
3rd age:This is when the sun of this system exploded and engulfed our sister planets, Zorba 9084 and Zorba 9083 creating massive heatwaves on our planet. The civil war still rages.
4th age:This is when we are designing ultrasonic weapons for counter defense against Zorba 9084 and Zorba 9083.
5th age:This is the age when we realize that we do no good by attacking so we made peace with all planets that are in war with.
6th age:This is when we invent a long flight spaceship for our big goal.
7th age:This is the age when we try to explore other unknown planets from other galaxies.
8th age:This age is when our planet cooled down from the cataclysmic eruption of our sun and the hottest temperature was recorded.
9th age:We found the milky way galaxy.
10th age:We found the Orion arm which contained your planet earth!
11th age:We started making this page, and finally finished for you to look at.

Diameter: 17,296 km
Moons: 64
Climate: 5 C - 130C ( hottest temperature recorded 4,000,000 years ago)
Distance from Adromedea sun: 8,000,072 km
Time from Earth using our spaceships: 20 Zorban days/ 93 light years
Co-ords: near Zorba 9086, and almost near debris field of Zorba 9088

We are a human friendly planet and protect all human rights, however, you have never found us
because we can blend in to be just like humans so it's impossible to track us down.
This website is made by super intelligent aliens called Zorbians.