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What are violations of human rights? What can you, as individuals, do to bring attention to one of these violations?
Learning Intentions: To identify violations of the human rights.
Success Criteria: Identify human rights violations and how to act when it happens to you.


Decision on our topic
We decided to research torture in prisons in the US, NZ and Iraq. Secondly, we want to research alienization from the society e.g. "blacks", Jews and other ethnic groups. The reason we chose these topics is because this we think that the the issue in prisons in the middle east war zone, also alienization of other races such as Negros, Jews and other ethnic groups.


Essential questions:

Q1:Why do people violate human rights???
Q2:Which part of the world violates the human rights the most???
Q3:Why did black people become "alienized" from civil life???
Q4:Which current prison in the world treats it's prisoners the worst???


Q1H:Because people wish that they were better than everyone else in the world.
Q2H:People are treated badly in east Asia and Africa.
Q3H:Black people became "alienized" from civil life from America, because once they were slaves for the white people, then they became free, but some white people couldn't accept it.
Q4H:The prison which treats its prisoners the worst is, American prisons e.g. Alcatraz.


We researched on various websites, to view the websites we used check useful links. Here are our well researched findings.

Question 1
  • We read the the declaration of human rights . The facts are below.
  • UN right 3: Everyone has the right to liberty life and these rights.
  • UN right 4: No one shall be used as slaves our be used as servitude.
  • UN right 5:No one shall be tortured or punished in an inhuman way.
  • We also checked Wikipedia-human rights .
  • We have decided the answer for the question.
Question 2
  • I searched poverty on Google.com and found a website called poverty.com
  • 25,000 people die of poverty or hunger related scenarios.
  • We have proof of of this, please check the map.
  • We have decided the answer.
Question 3
  • I went and searched and found interesting websites...
  • The website I went on was Wikipedia-racial segregation .
  • There is lots of proof of racial segregation, eg. Nazists sending Jews to concentration or death camps, or the segregation of Negros in the USA.
  • With these websites they suggest that segregation goes through history I forms under certain events such as WW1 leading the world into WW2 leading into segregration of Jewish people.
  • The answer has been decided below.
Question 4
  • I checked on Google.com and Ask.com for information on prisons but came up with just tons of facts about prisons.
  • The things on the internet is a disgrace *cough* nothing, nothing about prisons!
  • With no good evidence, we can't agree on anything, bu t we have and short and simple answer.

Answers to essential questions:

Most of our hypothesis was correct!

Q1A: People violate human rights because they are drawn in by greed and being very lazy resulting in slavery and punishment to humans.
Q2A: People are treated badly in Africa, the Middle East and India because of war, poverty, over-population and greed of the literacy-rich business man.
Q3A: Because of their different skin color, history and power hungry colonels, the whites thought they should have different rights from them.
Q4A: People believe that war prisons were the prisons that treated the prisons worst, but the war prisons in the USA are the worst since they torture their prisoners.

Bibliography For Research:

The bibliography is straight forward! The websites I used is know recorded.

Thinking Deeper:

Q5: Do some people violate Human Rights not for greed but for desperate needs?
Q6: Do children violate Human rights?
Q7: Is war a huge violation of Human rights?
Q8: Which places in the world face poverty and famine the most?
Q9: What violations of Human rights are happening in the world right now?

Answers to thinking deeper:

Q5A: Yes, some people do violate human rights when they're desperate, like if their family is going hungry they will do anything to feed their family even if it means braking a law.
Q6A: Yes, they do. Some children are expert thieves that steal food.
Q7A:Not really , because war doesn't violate human rights, it's causes violation of human rights.
Q8A:Africa faces world poverty and famine the most.
Q9A:Violations of human rights such as slavery, terrorism, and others are happening in the world right now.


The reflection, here is our reflection;
We think the violations of human rights is the biggest fault in the human race. The faults of the human race is plentiful, but I guess our greed and our expensive lifestyle will bring our downfall. Also if you want to hear a MP4 of our reflection press this link.


Our evaluation is simple, because it is the same as our reflection. =)


Why do people care???Well , if you're being tortured or if
anything bad is happening to you that is a human violation ,
read this and you'll get some information.
And don't think we aliens from planet Zorba9087 don't care about human
violations, we defend all human rights!

Maps of poverty percent

We found some maps of the percentage of poverty
that has been happening around the world, and glad to
say that New Zealand doesn't have poverty.
World poverty maps: 1 2


Hope you like our page! And know we hope you know what to do in a suituaton that's bad.


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