A.V.H.R stands for Anti- Violation of Human Rights

The scales of human rights
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What are violations of human rights? What can we, as individuals, do to bring attention to one of these violations?

Learning Intention

To find out how/why human rights are being violated.

Success Criteria :

We will be able to identify how human rights are being violated. We will know how to react when our rights are being violated.


Brainstorm - Decision on topic

Essential Questions :

Q1. How many slaves are there in the world?
What can we, as individuals, do to bring attention these violations?
Q3. Why and which part of the world violate human rights?
Q4. What prison treats prisoners the worst?


Q1. We think there is about 100,000 slaves in the world because the countries that allow slaves have about 10,000 slave owners with
about 10 slaves each.
Q2. We think that as individuals we should obey the rights and obey the law and if everyone does this then we will all be able to bring attention to these rights
Q3. We think every country at some stage would have violated some human rights. Some people leave other people homeless or abuse children but the country can't be blamed for it. Although some countries' governments will deliberately confiscate people's houses and belongings with no due cause.
Q4. The prison which treats its prisoners the worst is, American prisons e.g. Alcatraz.


Q1.There are 27 million slaves in the world right now-more than at any time
Q2. You could first do these rights yourself then help others to do the rights as well. you could wrie a song support an organisation or if you see someone not obeying them go up to them and help them into line.
Q3. Every country violates Human Rights because someone will violate them whether the country like it or not.
it's not the country's fault if someone violates a right, however if the whole country does violate the right then the country can be blamed.
Q4.People believe that war prisons were the prisons that treated the prisons worst, but the war prisons in the USA are the worst since they torture their prisoners.

Research :

Human rights violations is abuse of people in a way that it abuses any fundamental human rights. It is a term used when a government violates national or international law related to the protection of human rights. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, fundamental human rights are violated when, among other things:
A certain race, creed, or group is denied recognition as a "person". (Articles 2 & 6)

  • Men and women are not treated as equal. (Article 2)
  • Different racial or religious groups are not treated as equal. (Article 2)
  • Life, liberty or security of person is threatened. (Article 3)
  • A person is sold as or used as a slave. (Article 4)
  • Cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment is used on a person (such as torture or execution). (Article 5) (See also Prisoners' rights)
  • Victims of abuse are denied an effective judicial remedy. (Article 8) || * Punishments are dealt arbitrarily or unilaterally, without a proper and fair trial. (Article 11)
  • Arbitrary interference into personal, or private lives by agents of the state. (Article 12)
  • Citizens are forbidden to leave or return to their country. (Article 13)
  • Freedom of speech or religion is denied. (Articles 18 & 19)
  • The right to join a trade union is denied. (Article 23)
  • Education is denied. (Article 26) ||=
Human rights violations and abuses include those documented by non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International Human Rights Watch, World Organisation Against Torture, Freedom House, International Freedom of Expression Exchange and Anti-Slavery International. Only a very few countries do not commit significant human rights violations, according to Amnesty International. In their 2004 human rights report (covering 2003) the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Costa Rica are the only (mappable) countries that did not violate at least some human rights significantly. [22]
Some people believe human rights abuses are more common in dictatorships or theocracies than in democracies because freedom of speech and freedom of the press tend to uncover state orchestrated abuse and expose it. Nonetheless human rights abuses do also occur in democracies. For example, Amnesty International has called the running of Guantanamo Bay detainment camp by the United States "a human rights scandal" in a series of reports.[23]
In over 90 countries National human rights institutions (NHRIs)[24] have been set up to protect, promote or monitor human rights in a given country. There are now over 90 such bodies. Not all of them are compliant with the United Nations standards as set out in the 1993 Paris Principles, but the amount and effect of these institutions is increasing.[25]

Thinking deeper :

Q1. What would the world be like if these rights weren't here?

Answers thinking deeper

A1. The world would properly not exist because someone will have destroyed it. that or you would never be safe!

Reflection :

WE have learnt a lot about Human rights like war prisons in the USA wre the meanest prisonin it's time. We learnt alot and hope you did too!

Application - So What, Who Cares!!!!:

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What are violations of human rights?

Violations of human rights are when people do not obey the human rights.
Some Violations of human rights include:
  • Slavery
  • Child Abuse
  • Homeless people
  • Torture
  • Racism
  • Murder

These human rights that are being violated in the activity above are
3- we all have the right to a life and to live in freedom and not in torture

We think that the violations we should be most attentive to is violence because
we as individuals should obey the law and obey the book